Welcome to The Skills Hub

The Skills Hub, a government initiative led by ACTVET, is dedicated to advancing the skills of Emirati university students in their third and fourth years. With a focus on aligning skills with current and future job market demands, Skills Hub offers comprehensive hands-on training across various fields. Eligible Emirati Nationals enrolled in their 3rd & 4th years at universities and colleges can seize the opportunity to apply for this initiative , available in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain.

The Skills Hub provides training in the following fields, ensuring that participants are well-prepared for employment in the private sector:
  1. Aircraft Maintenance
  2. Automobile Technology
  3. CNC Milling
  4. CNC Turning
  5. Electronics
  6. Electrical Installations
  7. Health & Social Care
  8. Industrial Control
  9. Mechanical Engineering CAD
  10. Mobile Robotics

For clarifying queries about our transformative skills development initiative., you can navigate our FAQ to address common inquiries regarding program eligibility, available fields of training, application processes, and more. Explore the answers below to navigate your Skills Hub journey seamlessly.

If your question is not addressed within our FAQ section, we encourage you to reach out for personalized assistance. Feel free to send your inquiry to us via WhatsApp +971 52 912 5252 and our team will be happy to provide the information and support you need. We are committed to ensuring a smooth and responsive experience throughout your engagement with the Skills Hub.